"Transporter" TV Series is Currently in the Works

After several successful movies, a small-screen version of the "Transporter" is finally getting made.

"Transporter the Series, " has been picked up by TNT and is scheduled to air sometime this fall. Producers have also announced that they will be doing a second season which will be shot sometime next month. "Transporter the Series" is based on the "Transporter" franchise starring Jason Statham. The TV version was first developed by Cinemax, but due to several setbacks including injuring the lead actor, Cinemax was first to back out. After a three year delay, TNT has decided to pick up the series and they plan to film scenes internationally with locations such as Morocco, Canada, and Czech Republic. Chris Vance was selected to take over Jason Statham's role of Frank Martin, a man who transports good internationally.
"'Transporter the Series' is a roller-coaster ride with big-screen action, fantastic locations and an extremely charismatic lead in Chris Vance," said TNT's Michael Wright. "The 'Transporter' franchise is a proven winner embraced by movie and television viewers around the globe, and we're proud that TNT will become the television home for fans in the United States."