Trailer: Kevin Hart and Ice Cube Team Up in 'Ride Along'

Ice Cube takes a break from Coors Light Commercials to make 'Ride Along' featuring Kevin Hart.

We posted the casting calls for Ride Along on Project Casting last year. (Leave Us a comment if you worked on the feature film!) But,  in the new trailer for the action comedy about a guy who has to get the approval from his girlfriend’s hard-nosed cop brother before he can propose, Hart plays on his greatest strengths, which are his abilities to shout really loud all the time while making fun of himself for being short. Cube, on the other hand, proves that he’s still the toughest rapper-turned-actor in the game today, as his intimidating scowl totally makes us forget that the only legitimate beef that he’s had in the last 10 years is with a can of watered down light beer.