Tracy Morgan on Medical Professionals During the Coronavirus: "They’re My Heroes"

Tracy Morgan

LOS ANGELES - SEP 28: Tracy Morgan arrives for 'Dolemite Is My Name' Los Angeles Premiere on September 28, 2019 in Westwood, CA (Editorial credit: DFree /

Tracy Morgan opened up about his thoughts and feelings surrounding the Coronavirus COVID-19  pandemic.

Morgan especially gave a heartfelt tribute to the medical professionals who are risking their lives to help treat patients affected by COVID-19.

"To the nurses, and the doctors, and the first responders and everybody involved: Man, you're my hero," the former Saturday Night Live star said, speaking to Howard Stern over video chat while social distancing at his own home. "I love you. Keep working hard. We need you. And really, that's coming from my heart." 

“F*** show business!” the comedian, who wore an mask during the video chat interview, continued. “These people are out there ... on the front line dealing with this s***. And to the scientists that’s trying to really quickly come up with a cure, we’re here, we’re waiting. Everyone is trying to do their part.”

Morgan urged the public to “stick together” during the crisis.

Because, like I have been saying ... since my father died of AIDS when I was 19: What affects one of us, affects us all. This is the equalizer. I don't give a f*** how much money you got or what color you got, you gone, too.”

He also told fans to “stop with the blaming” and promising to “keep the world laughing”.

He also appeared on the ‘Today’ show. During the interview, he joked about getting his wife pregnant three times while quarantine together, getting his pets tested, and role-playing.

But, he also told ‘Today’ host Hoda Kotb about his respect for police officers, firemen and medical professionals.

“I spent a lot of time in the hospital, and I know what goes on in there,” said Morgan, who spent months after his crash getting treatment for various broken bones and a traumatic brain injury. “And I know these people, they work hard to take care of you. So I’m very proud of them, they’re my heroes ... While we’re running out of the burning building, the firemen are running in. These police officers that come out of their house to patrol the streets, they don’t know if they’re ever going back home. So we gotta give them respect. I respect that.”