Entertainment NewsTom Cruise's Unfulfilled Wish: An Unpaved Road to DC's 'Watchmen'

Tom Cruise’s Unfulfilled Wish: An Unpaved Road to DC’s ‘Watchmen’


Key takeaways:
– Tom Cruise had approached Zack Snyder for a role in the 2009 .'
– Cruise had wished to play the character Rorschach, while Snyder had envisioned him as Ozymandias.
– Jackie Earle Haley had already been cast for the role when Cruise made his appeal.
– With James Gunn's takeover of DC Studios, possibilities for a reprisal starring Cruise could be a reality.

Noteworthy Brush with DC's Watchmen

It's interesting to know that before Zack Snyder became a recognized name for directing movies in the DC Extended Universe like ‘Man of Steel' starring Henry Cavill, he had made his presence felt with the critically acclaimed ‘Watchmen' in 2009. Unlike his other DC ventures, this movie was not linked to the extensive , and so did not have the pressure of setting up the foundation for future movies. This facilitated the unleashing of Snyder's full creative potential.

How Tom Cruise Reached Out

A surprising fact here is that Tom Cruise, one of 's A-listers, showed interest in a role in ‘Watchmen.' Regardless of his global popularity and glittering box office records, the actor missed out on a potentially game-changing moment in the franchise history. He was not a part of the movie because his offered role was already being played by Jackie Earle Haley.

Behind the Scenes of Casting

Talking to Josh Horowitz on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Snyder opened up about the casting story. He revealed that Cruise had personally approached him seeking to play the character Rorschach. However, Snyder saw Cruise fit for the role of Ozymandias. Unfortunately, Jacky Earle Haley was already cast for the role Cruise wanted to play. Discussions ceased when they couldn't agree regarding the part, despite Snyder's suggestion that Cruise as Ozymandias would have been a great addition to the cast.

New Hope with James Gunn

After James Gunn took over DC Studios, things took an exciting . He brought in unpredictability and sparked the possibility of a renewed project. This development could finally realize Tom Cruise's wish to step into the DC universe.

Upcoming DC Movies Across Different Timelines

Gunn, now the co-chief of the comics book -action studio, has decided to scrap off the existing canon that started with Zack Snyder. His first move was to introduce the new canon with ‘The Flash' in 2023. Although a new canon is making its presence known through his starrer, ‘Superman,' Gunn is not abandoning renowned solo projects like Joaquin Phoenix's ‘Joker' or Robert Pattinson's ‘The .'

The plan is to let these projects continue under the probable banner of DC Elseworlds, set in a different timeline. This change could allow a fresh vision of ‘Watchmen' featuring Tom Cruise as Rorschach.

Furthermore, the creative potential of the project also seems limitless as the multiverse permits for entirely separate franchises to exist healthily outside the main universe. This change can be a win-win situation for both the studios and the .

All in all, Tom Cruise's desire to play a character in Watchmen is a shining example of the tale of the casting that almost happened. As for now, ‘Watchmen' is available to stream on Max or Max Amazon Channel. One never knows what twists and turns Hollywood holds for us in the future.

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