Time Magazine 2013 Person of the Year Rigged for Miley Cyrus to Win over Snowden?

Many argue the Time Magazine 2013 Person of the Year is rigged!

Every year Time Magazine holds an online vote for whom people think should be the 2013 Person of the Year. This year, Miley Cyrus is in the lead beating the infamous whistleblower, Edward Snowden.
Time magazine is holding an online vote for whom readers think should be its 2013 Person of the Year. The winner so far: Miley Cyrus, with more than 29 percent of the vote. The twerk-loving pop star is beating world leaders, sports stars, the Boston Marathon bombers and numerous Hollywood figures as the person voters think most influenced the news this year for better or worse. Photos: Miley Cyrus' Wild Year There are two polls: a candidate face-off and a second poll in which readers can vote yes or no on whether particular individuals influenced the news (THR).
But, many are saying that the Time Magazine Person of the year polling is actually rigged. On, user Pwnk posted this analysis of the current number of votes in the recent poll.

2013 Time Magazine Poll Rigged for Miley Cyrus?

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