Thought Breaking Bad was over? Check This Out!

Even though the series Breaking Bad ended last week, the fan base is so strong that fan are hungry for more episodes!

The CEO of DreamWorks was recently offered a total $75 million dollars to produce three more episodes of Breaking Bad; $75 million dollar in total equals $25 million per episode). The CEO was quoted saying that the last series only cost about $3.5 million dollars per episode. DreamWorks would have made more of a profit from three more episodes than they ever made over the past five year of the entire series! DreamWorks CEO previously planned to create, what he felt was the greatest pay-per-view event on television. Before DreamWorks CEO knew the ending of the show, he planned to charge viewers around 99 centers per episode, to simply watch never before seen scripted material. However, once the series ended how it did, it was impossible to continue on with is idea. DreamWorks CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg felt as though he wanted to share this story to illustrate that the higher quality of work that is placed on paid television, creates a stronger demand for individuals who want watch. The higher demand for individuals who want to watch inevitably leads to higher wages for the individuals who are completing the work.