This is a Final Farewell to Magic Johnson... Is Anger the Reason?

Final farewells are in order for Magic Johnson this week. Johnson announced that he is officially leaving ESPN. Johnson has been responsible for covering the NBA news. He will be resigning immediately due to other obligations that are not publicly disclosed, yet.

Johnson has been with the network for the past five years. He joined the team during the year 2008. Johnson released a state saying that he absolutely loves ESPN, but due to other obligations he does not feel as though he can successful commit the time needed to successfully thrive in his position at ESPN. He enjoyed working with ESPN so much, he feels as though the ESPN team is much like his extended family. However, other sources say that Johnson was completely frustrated with the fact that Bill Simmons had taken control over the show, about a year ago. Simmons is the editor of the show and use to be an opponent of Johnson’s old team. Simmons was quoted stating that he felt the biggest problem with the show was the fact that everyone hangs onto every word that comes out of Johnson’s mouth. Simmons did not like that no one challenged Johnson. No one is sure if Johnson is truly resigning due to other obligations, which keep him from continuing his job at ESPN, or, if Simmons’ comments and control over the show made Johnson angry and lead him to quit. Either way, we all have to say farewell to Johnson (on ESPN).

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