Entertainment NewsTheory Sparks Hope for Robert Downey Jr.'s MCU Comeback

Theory Sparks Hope for Robert Downey Jr.’s MCU Comeback


Key Takeaways:
* The death of .'s in doesn't necessarily mean the character is gone for good.
* A new Marvel theory explores Stark's whereabouts during The Blip.
* + could explore this as potential content, possibly bringing Robert Downey Jr. back into the fold.
* Downey Jr. expressed keen interest to revive his Iron Man role.

Could Iron Man Return in the MCU?

For fans who were heartbroken after the iconic Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr., met his end in Avengers: Endgame, there might be hope yet. Many have asked if there's any chance of seeing this beloved character in future Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) installments. Now, a new Marvel theory suggests a way we could.

Iron Man During The Blip

A Reddit fan's question might have just ignited a spark for a potential revamp of the Iron Man character, by asking an intriguing question – “What was Iron Man doing during The Blip?”. The Blip refers to the five years in the MCU timeline when many characters disappeared after Thanos' fatal snap. Iron Man was alive during this time, raising intriguing questions about what he was up to. This mystery could serve as an untouched storyline for future MCU content.

Tony Stark's Secret Life

It's known that Stark spent these unseen years preparing for the final showdown with Thanos, including building more suits. But as revealed in Episode 1 of ' She-: Attorney at Law, there was more. Stark and Bruce Banner spent the Blip years constructing a lab hidden with Stark technology. Any threats he may have faced during this period or his actions to save civilians remain undisclosed, providing a vast array of potential storylines.

An Unseen Friendship

The She-Hulk episode highlights a warm bond between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, best friends in the MCU who were known as the ‘Science Bros'. The episode reveals a tiki bar the duo built together during their Blip years, a place where Stark apparently spent a considerable amount of time drinking and talking about Steve, also known as . Exploring this solid friendship could be a entrancing aspect of the proposed mini-.

Will Iron Man Return?

Robert Downey Jr.'s comeback as the charismatic Tony Stark is more than a distant dream. When asked in an with , Downey Jr. confirmed he would be thrilled to play Tony Stark again, stating that the role is deeply embedded in his DNA. If given the green signal by Disney+ and Marvel Studios, a mini-series exploring the untold story of Tony Stark's existence during The Blip, may indeed materialize.

A Promise of Possible Return

Introducing a plot centering on Tony Stark's life during the Blip won't risk stepping on the sombre ending of Avengers: Endgame. If his fate can't be reversed, then diving into his past might be an exciting way to bring back the Iron Man himself. And with Downey Jr.'s declared readiness to reprise his role, the most awaited Iron Man comeback may not be far out of reach.

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