5 Secrets You Did Not Know About The Walking Dead

Five things you did not know about The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has a ton of secrets. You may follow all of the casting calls, news updates, and spoiler alerts for The Walking Dead but, there are a ton of things you don't know about the hit TV series.

Here are five secrets you did not know about The Walking Dead.

1. Fifteen year old Carl stunt double is actually a 31 year old stunt actress. The Walking Dead In a show like The Walking Dead, there are a ton of stunts and dramatic scenes. But while many actors do a lot of the acting, there is a team of highly skilled stunt doubles on deck to handle the dangerous scenes. While a lot of stunt-doubles look a lot like their actors, Chandler Riggs' (Carl Grimes) photo double is surprisingly different. 15 year-old Chandler, revealed he has at least three different female stunt doubles. He is currently doubled by a 31-year-old stunt actress named Ashley. 2. Walker meat tastes like...ham Despite looking like real human flesh, the walkers on the show who are actually lucky enough to eat human meat are actually eating hams soaked in vinegar. In fact, the props department on The Walking Dead, revealed that the rat that Lizzie fed to a walker in Season 4, was a gelatin mold filled with grape jelly. 3. The post-apocalytic world is getting darker The Walking Dead Gifs Just like the survivors on the show, the zombies on the show have aged over the five seasons. From the time when the outbreak began to know, Greg Nicotero and his special effects makeup team have been slowly aging the walkers that we see on screen! Back in Season 1 the walkers had slight decay, but they were not as moldy. Now in Season 5, we are seeing some walkers with much darker skin, looking diseased. 4. A ton of effort is made to make sure we don't see the zombies breathe. The Walking Dead Gif Kid You may have never noticed this, but because walkers are dead they shouldn't be visibly breathing. normally this is not much of an issue, until you see a ton of zombie extras walking outside in the cold air. During shooting for the episode "Pretty Much Dead Already" in Season 2, it was a really cold night which meant that the zombies produced vapor when they breathed out. In post production, the editors had to digitally remove the vapors from the mouths of the walkers to ensure that zombies don't look like they breathe. 5. All the zombies go through zombie schoolThe Walking Dead Gif If you though it was easy to get a role on The Walking Dead, you are wrong. Actors who play walkers on The Walking Dead have to go through a type of "walker school" to learn to how to walk and move like the walkers in The Walking Dead universe. You'll notice how walkers don't walk around the same each actor has to develop their own their particular type zombie walk.

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