The Walking Dead Cast Doesn't Even Know Who Died in Season 6 Finale [VIDEO]

The Walking Dead cast member doesn't know who died in the season 6 finale.

While millions of fans of The Walking Dead are pissed off about the season 6 finale of the zombie drama, there are another million searching the Internet trying to figure out who did the producers choose to get killed off in the episode. Related: ‘Walking Dead’ Fans Bash Season 6 Finale Episode But, it seems as though Internet detectives will be having a hard time trying to figure out who got killed  off as the cast doesn't even know who got killed off on the TV series. Following the episode, Chandler Riggs - who plays Rick's son Carl - took to Twitter to share that he, too, still had no idea who met Lucille in the season six finale. The hour and half season six finale saw Negan's group, the Saviors, hunt down Rick and the gang. The episode cut to black only to reveal the sounds of Negan beating one of the cast members to death. Related: Is This the End of Guns on ‘The Walking Dead’? The ending of the episode leaves the characters: Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Daryl, Rosita, Carl, Maggie, Aaron, Eugene, Abraham and Sasha in jeopardy.

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