"The Walking Dead" Season 5 Crazier and More Exciting than Ever

The Walking Dead started filming for season 5 over a week ago and it looks like Season 5 is going to be better than ever.

Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead's creator, recently spoke with Entertainment weekly about the new season and he says the new season is going to be "magical".

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“Everyone’s happy to be back together, so it’s been pretty great and everybody’s bringing their A game still, 5 years in. We’re doing new and different and crazy and exciting things and now I think the atmosphere is that we can’t wait until we can start sharing things with people and start showing things to people because we’re really excited about what we’re doing here. We think we’re making another magical season.” [Entertainment Weekly>
Kirkman also points out that there are going to be a ton of cliffhanger episodes and surprises. So much so, that they have increased secrecy on set. “Just because any images that get out of any kind of things that are seen do in a sense spoil that cliffhanger, so we’re trying to keep things a little more tight this time around." How to Get on The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead's creator commented on how Season 4 was somewhat slow as the group was separated and there was a focus on the individual stories of each of the characters. But, he points out that the possibility of cannibals in Terminus, will definitely heighten the suspense for season 5. He argues that what makes The Walking Dead so great is that the show will slow down for periods of time and then out of nowhere things will speed up keeping the audience on guard. The Walking Dead Gif For the full interview visit Entertainment Weekly. Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.