This Walking Dead Cast Member Was Happy that Beth Died

The Walking Dead's Carl Grimes is pretty happy that Beth Greene is no longer on the show.

While millions have been outraged at the death of Beth Greene, it appears not every cast member of the show is upset that she is gone. Chandler Riggs, better known as Carl Grimes, spoke to fans at a recent question and answer with fans and revealed that he wasn't upset when he was told that Beth was going to be killed off the show. How to Get on The Walking Dead Read more: Walking Dead: Reedus Reveals Beth’s Death Impact on Daryl
Well Scott called all of us (like he always does with character deaths) and told us that she would be dying. I figured it was bound to happen sometime, so I wasn't like sobbing or anything. Plus I haven't really done a scene with her since the mid-season finale of season 4, and before that was in like season 3. It was like I hung out with her all the time, so it wasn't super devastating for me.
Carl Grimes is pretty cold blooded. Especially for a character who wears a goofy hat for the past 20 episodes. However, Grimes does have a point, his character has not interacted with Beth all that much on the show, and I'm pretty sure if Rick or Michonne were killed off it would have been more devastating to Grimes. Read more: Walking Dead Fans are Protesting Beth’s Death by Sending Spoons Regardless of his reaction, it still doesn't mean that Beth Greene's absence wont have a massive impact on the rest of Season 5. The Walking Dead Beth The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 8th h/t: Moviepilot Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.

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