The Walking Dead: The Episode Censors Nearly Banned

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Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead gave us an inside look at the back story of Abraham, played by actor Michael Cudlitz. Hours before the episode premiered Cudlitz revealed to his Twitter followers that this episode almost never made it to the air. The Walking Dead The idea that the episode was almost banned seems pretty ridiculous. The Walking Dead airs at a late hour, and with modern technology parents now have the ability to block certain channels and programs. In addition, the violence depicted in the episode was typical for any other Walking Dead episode. Hopefully, The Walking Dead will continue to express their creative freedom because, it is this freedom that allows for The Walking Dead to be the most watched show on television. However, the episode featured several scenes that could have possible upset viewers, and most importantly the censors. Details as to why the episode was almost banned were never revealed. But, here are our best guesses as to why the episode was nearly banned from television.

3 Reasons Why The Walking Dead Episode Was Nearly Censored

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#1. The Sex Scene

For the first time in several seasons, The Walking Dead featured a sex scene. It was probably the most explicit sex scene aired in the history of The Walking Dead.

#2. Showing a child getting ripped apart by zombies

The walking dead kids In the episode we learned a lot about Abraham's past including how he lost his family and seeing his kids eaten by zombies. It is possible that censors thought this scene was too realistic and morbid for television.

#3. Abraham beating someone with a can.

TWD Abraham The most horrific scene came at the beginning of the episode when Abraham is seen beating four men to death using a can of beans. Censors could have been upset with how well Michael Cudlitz acted in the scene. Overall, it is currently a mystery and we may never know why the censors nearly banned the episode. However, it begs the question, should The Walking Dead be censored? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!