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The ‘Predator’ Franchise: Investigating Five Oversights Overshadowed by its $98 Million Success

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Key Takeaways:

– The and motives of the Predators remain murky.
– The physical features of Predators often don't make sense.
– The franchise frequently indulges in the ‘unlimited ammunition' trope.
– Confusing rules and broken moral codes of Predators lead to inconsistencies.
– The collaboration between humans and Predators in the vs. series is a major-source of confusion.

The ‘Predator' franchise, launched by , holds a classic status among action and sci-fi lovers. Despite this popularity, fans often overlook inconsistencies within the Predator . Let's delve into five significant mistakes that stand out in this renowned series.

1. Unclear Predators' History and Motivation

There's a vagueness surrounding the origin and motivations of the Predators. Their existence varies across the series – from the 1700s in ‘Predator 2' to co-existing with dinosaurs according to some sources. Apart from this, the series presents an unclear motivation for Predator invasions, raising doubts about the true intent of these high-tech beings.

2. Confusing Physical Features of Predators

Predators in the have several physical features that are often puzzling. Some Predators exhibit special glands releasing a hormone for rallying their troops. However, it's never clarified why only some possess this gland. Similarly, their green blood, used as a practical effect in the initial , lacks a logical explanation.

3. Overuse of ‘Infinite Ammunition' Trope

The ‘Predator' series frequently uses the ‘infinite ammunition' trope where characters fire numerous rounds without resupply, raising questions about realism. Characters often stumble upon conveniently located sources of ammunition, adding to the audience's disbelief.

4. Shaky Rule and Moral Code Framework

Predators seemingly adhere to certain hunting rules and moral codes in the franchise. Yet, those rules seem illogical and are conveniently dismissed for shock value or plot progression. Violating their own code in ‘Alien vs Predator: Requiem', a Predator executes an unknowing and defenseless , confusing the .

5. Human-Predator Collaboration in ‘Alien vs. Predator'

In the ‘Alien vs. Predator' series, the collaboration between humans and Predators contradicts the species' established values and further confuses viewers. Predators teaching their language to humans is incredibly unlikely, bearing in mind their completely different bases of language.

Even with these inconsistencies, the ‘Predator' franchise built a universe beloved by audiences around the world. It successfully bridged the gap between action and sci-fi, sparking a crossover phenomenon with the ‘Alien' films. Furthermore, Arnold Schwarzenegger's captivating performance in the initial film bolstered his stature as one of Hollywood's top action stars.

Whether you're watching ‘Predator' on Hulu or Disney+ or ‘Predators' on Max, it's not difficult to understand the allure of these films. The captivating creatures, intense action sequences, and the sheer factor keep audiences dialed in. While it is interesting to highlight these overlooked gaffes, it's clear that they are easily forgiven in the light of the franchise's overall success. Just remember to take a quick reload break if you ever find yourself facing off with a Predator!



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