Entertainment NewsThe Lowdown on Joshua John Miller's 'The Exorcism' Featuring Russell Crowe

The Lowdown on Joshua John Miller’s ‘The Exorcism’ Featuring Russell Crowe


Key Takeaways:
– ‘The Exorcism' is a unique slant on traditional possession stories.
– The plot revolves around a within a movie, focusing on an actor's that takes a sinister .
– Stars discuss their favorite and the intense process of making the film.
– ‘The Exorcism' was officially announced in 2019 and will be in theaters on June 21, 2024.

Two years after it was first announced, we're finally talking about Joshua John Miller's ‘The Exorcism'. In a world that has shifted gears quite a lot since 2019, this film promises a refreshing take on possession stories. Forget about comparing it with the similarly titled Russell Crowe movie, ‘The Pope's Exorcism'. This film marches to its own beat with unique tone and plot.

Inside the Unique Plot

Picture this – a film centered on the making of a horror movie. Russell Crowe, an -winning actor, plays Miller, a struggling actor seeking a comeback. He scores the attraction in an eerie horror film about an exorcism. But, plot twist! His fortunate breakthrough leads to creepy that flip Anthony's life upside down.

Adam Goldberg, the director of this horror film within ‘The Exorcism', subjects Anthony to degrading trial all in the name of authenticity. This puts him on a quick journey down old traumas that worsens his condition. Ryan Simpkins appears as Anthony's estranged daughter who leans on the advice of the film's priest counselor, portrayed by David Hyde Pierce. So, you may be wondering; are Anthony's horrors merely old addictions coming to the surface, or has he tapped into a more paranormal reality?

Chatting with the Stars and Makers

It was a joy to connect with the stars of the film. Alongside Ryan Simpkins, David Hyde Pierce, Chloe Bailey, and Adam Goldberg, I got to pick the brains of the and director – M.A.Fortin and Joshua John Miller. It was a deep dive into the world of ‘The Exorcism'.

Joshua drew from his personal experiences and relationship with his dad, Jason Miller from ‘The ', to script this movie. This explains the intense emotions that ripple through the film. And just for kicks, we had a light-hearted discussion about favorite horror movies.

Save the Date

Don't miss out on ‘The Exorcism' hitting cinemas exclusively on June 21, 2024. It's a unique and invigorating take on possession horror movies, with a brilliant cast and a plot that takes you deeper than your normal horror film. It's not just another horror movie, it's a ride into the eerie world of making horror movies and the potential real-life consequences.

Catch you in the cinema on the big day. Remember, it's all fun and games until the cameras start rolling!

Note: While we hold our breath waiting for ‘The Exorcism' to hit the big screen, let us know which horror movies top your list in the meantime!

The original article was on JoBlo: Interviews: Ryan Simpkins, David Hyde Pierce, Chloe Bailey, and more spill on The Exorcism!

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