"The Lego Movie" Spinoff 'Ninjago' Coming Soon

Warner Bros. announces a spinoff to The Lego Movie, entitled Ninjago.

Warner Bros. plans on releasing a sequel to The Lego Movie on September 2016. The new Lego movie will be based off the Lego Group's popular ninja mini figures, Ninjago.

The Lego Ninjago features different styles based off previous Lego ninja designs but feature "Skeleton Army", the "Stone Army", the "Serpentine" and the "Nindroids". These Lego ninjas are a modern version of the previous ninja designs.

Also expect to see Dragons in the upcoming Lego MovieDragons have recently become a significant part of Ninjago. A dragon was made for every ninja except the Green Ninja, however when he became the Gold Ninja a dragon was made for him. Also to note that Epic Dragon Battle's dragon has 4 heads. Every dragon head launches a Dragon Sphere which is used in battle to knock down enemies. Ninjago There is already a TV series in works for The Lego Ninjagos. Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu is a TV series airing on Cartoon Network. However, it has not been reported whether or not the cartoon version of the series will relate to the upcoming Lego Movie sequel. The Lego Movie will be directed by Charlie Bean, the director of Tron: Uprising. According to Deadline The Lego Movie team will join together again to produce the production. In addition, Jill Wilfert, Seth Grahame-Smith, John Powers Middleton, James Packer and Steve Mnuchin are executive producing the movie and Bryan Shukoff and Kevin Chesley will write the screenplay.

The Lego Movie, has made 452.4 million dollars since it was released in February. Warner Bros. distribution president Dan Fellman commented on the upcoming spinoff: “Following the huge success of The Lego Movie, we are very excited to build on the Lego franchise. We know there are already Ninjago collectors who can’t wait to see their favorite characters on the big screen. This promises to be a terrifically fun and thrilling entry into our Fall 2016 slate, with broad audience appeal.”