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The Inside Story: Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson Missing From ‘Brat Pack’ Documentary


Key Takeaways:
– Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson are absent from Andrew McCarthy's Brat Pack , Brats.
– Both stars have clips and old in the , despite not being interviewed themselves.
– Their absence may affect the 's overall impact, but McCarthy remains pleased with participation from the likes of Emilio Estevez and Ally Sheedy.

Have you noticed anything missing in the Brat Pack documentary, ‘Brats'? If you are a true Brat Pack fan, you probably did. The faces of Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson were nowhere to be seen. So where were they?

The Absence of Ringwald and Nelson

Let's just jump into it – Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson, two vital members of the iconic Brat Pack, were surprisingly absent from the interviews in Andrew McCarthy's documentary, ‘Brats'. Seems a bit curious, doesn't it? Well, according to McCarthy himself, both of these stars are in the film – just not in the way you might expect. Instead of fresh interviews, the movie features a lot of clips and snippets from older interviews.

McCarthy explains that the Brat Pack is an ongoing relationship. Just like in any relationship, different are in different places in their lives, and they might or might not want to talk about the past. It's cool, we get it, right?

The Trio's Separate Paths

Now this might surprise you, but Ringwald, Nelson, and McCarthy never actually all worked together in one movie. I know, right? It seems like they must have. But no, we had McCarthy and Ringwald starring together in ‘Pretty in Pink' and ‘Fresh Horses', McCarthy and Nelson teamed up in ‘St. Elmo's Fire', and then Ringwald and Nelson were schoolmates in detention at Shermer High.

The Brat Pack Legacy

Ok, so let's be real for a moment. The Brat Pack was huge. They weren't all thrilled about the label, but the group's impact is hard to deny. But, does ‘Brats' miss out without having Ringwald and Nelson's personal insights? Look, the documentary still gives you a good serving of 80s nostalgia, but it's hard to argue that it wouldn't have benefited from their input.

Despite the gap, ‘Brats' still manages to land interviews with big names like Emilio Estevez and Ally Sheedy, which delighted McCarthy. He said he was surprised at how many people agreed to talk to him. He thought the biggest challenge would be to get people to participate. Seems like his charm worked on most of them!

So, there you have it. We might not get to hear directly from Ringwald and Nelson in the documentary, but their impact on the Brat Pack legacy remains as strong as ever. Between them, Andrew McCarthy, Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson have starred in eight unique in the Brat Pack universe. Their , from ‘St. Elmo's Fire' to ‘Pretty in Pink,' has left an indelible mark on our hearts.

Just to wrap it up, have you watched ‘Brats' yet? Do you think it would have been better with Ringwald and Nelson's input? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Remember, everyone's opinion counts, and we want to hear yours!

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