'The Grand Budapest Hotel' is Wes Anderson's Highest Grossing Movie Ever

Wes Anderson's latest feature films is the biggest movie for the director to date.

"The Grand Budapest Hotel" is the first feature film for Wes Anderson to make $100 million dollars at the global box office. "Grand Budapest" has earned $39 million in North America, making it third on Wes Anderons's list of feature films behind "The Royal Tenebaums" and "Moonrise Kingdom." "The Grand Budapest hotel is still open in over a thousand movie locations in the United States and Canda meaning that 100 million dollar earnings will continue to grow. Also to note, "The Grand Budapest Hotel" became the highest grossing opening weekend for a limited release in history. Its $202,792-per-screen average topped the previous record holder, Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master." Did you see "The Grand Budapest Hotel"? What did you think of the movie? Share with us in the comments!