Entertainment NewsThe Boys Season 4: Laz Alonso's Dramatic Transformation Stuns Fans

The Boys Season 4: Laz Alonso’s Dramatic Transformation Stuns Fans


Key Takeaways:

– Laz Alonso, known for his role as Marvin Milk in , has returned for Season 4 with a noticeably slimmer physique.
– Alonso's weight loss was a thought-out change that is weaved into the story plot in Season 4.
– Alonso attributes his transformation to an improved understanding of his body's nutritional needs.
and critics have lauded Alonso's commitment to fitness and the incorporation of his weight loss into the narrative.

Laz Alonso's Remarkable Transformation

We have seen him as the practical and rational Marvin Milk, aka Mother's Milk, in Amazon Prime's hugely The Boys. Now, actor Laz Alonso is back with a bang for the series' fourth season, which premiered on June 13th, 2024. For his return, Alonso has undergone a phenomenal weight loss journey, leading to a significantly leaner and fitter appearance. This drastic transformation was not a spontaneous change but a conscious effort for the actor's well-being.

From Fit to Fitter

Often seen as the perfect counterbalance to Karl Urban's ruthless Billy Butcher, Marvin Milk has been a crucial part of the vigilante group that battles the corrupted superheroes, or ‘Supes', in the show. In the first three seasons, audiences witnessed an Alonso who braved his role's intense demands with fierce dedication. However, in Season 4, fans greeted a newly trimmed Alonso who had shed weight considerably.

The attributes his transformation to a DNA test he conducted through BioSynergy, a fitness services company. This comprehensive test allowed Alonso to understand which nutrients were most beneficial for his body's health. Moreover, through this test, he could identify harmful foods that put unnecessary strain on his body and learn avoid them.

Incorporating Weight Loss into the Narrative

Interestingly, The Boys' ingeniously wove Alonso's weight loss into the series. In the season's first episode, Marvin Milk is shown not to eat anymore, subtly hinting at the actor's weight loss. This ingenious inclusion of Alonso's real- transformation in the character's narrative was noticed by a discerning fan.

Apart from being a valuable team member, Marvin also battles with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, which possibly contributes to his lack of appetite. Coupled with the ongoing stress from the ‘Supes' and the vigilantes' war, it provides a plausible excuse for his loss of appetite.

Speculations and Uncertainties

Although Alonso has openly discussed his transformation and association with BioSynergy, some fans speculate that his weight loss may be attributable to Ozempic, a controversial Type 2 diabetes medication. While no evidence supports this speculation, it is part of an ongoing conversation related to the actor's transformation.

Leaner, Meaner, and Fitter

This season of The Boys showcases a leaner, fitter Laz Alonso who not only impresses with his dedication to fitness but also intrigues them with his character's evolving storyline. Importantly, the actor's transformation is seamlessly incorporated into the plotline, showcasing thoughtful writing and narrative continuity.


Laz Alonso's transformation in The Boys Season 4 is indeed a fine example of an artist's dedication to their craft and health. Eager fans can now look forward to witnessing the evolution of his character in the ongoing season, available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

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