'The Bachelorette': How ABC Used Sex and Fights to Boost Ratings

'The Bachelorette' had some of the best ratings ever this season and analysts are claiming the increased amount of sexual tension had a lot to do with it.

ABC may start promoting more sex scandals following this season of 'The Bachelorette'. According to reports, 'The Bachelorette' suffered season low ratings in 2014 with Andi Dorfman, but the ratings hit a new high in season 11 with Kaitlyn Bristowe. The Hollywood Reporter reports that 'The Bachelorette' had hit the key demographic perfectly with a 2.5 rating in the 18 to 49 demographic in comparison to last year's 2.2 rating. Image Courtesy of ABC But, it begs the question why?
The ABC dating show broke numerous long-standing traditions en route to its ratings resurgence — starting with a lot more sex. The season's promos highlighted Bristowe sleeping with eventual runner-up Nick Viall in an early episode, along with the fallout as she tearfully told eventual winner Shawn Booth about her night of passion. Sex always has been a presumed part of the equation for the franchises, but they long have been loathe to directly suggest that the contestants consummate things on the show, instead merely hinting at such activity during evenings referred to euphemistically as "fantasy-suite dates." But this season was different, as the episode in which Bristowe and Viall first did the deed featured an onscreen caption of Viall's line, overheard from behind their closed bedroom door: "I want to know every part of you."
'The Bachelor' premiered in 2002, and the format of the show all centered with the rose ceremony. But, this season producers decided to focus on a fight or conflict at the end of every episode. Image Courtesy of ABC   However, this made Kaitlyn one of the most hated contestants in show history. According to Bustle, fans of the show reportedly cyber bullied 'The Bachelorette'. This is what Kaitlyn had to say:
You know, I really like to think of myself as a tough person, and I think I’m so fine with people disagreeing with me or having their opinions. That’s OK. But speaking hate the way people have been is not OK, and I don’t know. I’m almost in shock. And the hardest part for me is that it affects my family… I can handle it, it doesn’t feel good, but I can handle it, but it’s my family. They call me to see if I’m okay…. it’s really hard. It’s hurtful. I like to think that it doesn’t matter what people think about me an45d I try to preach that. I’m gonna be who I am no matter what, but when it’s thousands and thousands of comments after comments pouring in of people hating? I get death threats. That hurts.
It will be interesting to see if 'The Bachelor' will continue to push the envelope, or will they scale back and let love shine through.