Thailand Approves Film Incentives for Hollywood Blockbusters

Thailand's military government has just introduced tax incentives to boost Thailand's film industry.

The proposed tax incentive agreement would allow a cash rebate of 15% on every 30m baht ($845,000). Extra rebates valued at 10% of the total spend could also be awarded if the content promotes a positive image of Thailand, with a further 5% if the production hires Thai acting talent. Thailand hopes the new initiative will bring the country more money. Currently the annual tax incentive is capped at $2,842,840.00 Tourism and Sports minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul talked to the press after the initiative was approved about what could have shot in Thailand last year if the rebates had been in place: “We are talking about famous blockbuster movies with high budgets such as ‘Star Wars’, for which, at one point, Thailand was considered as a location, but [the producers> opted to use the United Kingdom instead because it offered incentives and Thailand did not.” The plans are set to take several months to become active and were reportedly put in place after the decline in production-related revenue from international projects, dropping from £40m in 2013 to £35.1m in 2014.

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