Entertainment NewsTerrifier 3 Wrap-Up: Jason Patric Joins Star-Studded Cast, Making Horror Fans' Hearts...

Terrifier 3 Wrap-Up: Jason Patric Joins Star-Studded Cast, Making Horror Fans’ Hearts Race


Key Takeaways:

3 has finally wrapped up its production for good, featuring Jason Patric of The Boys.
/ Damien Leone is thrilled about the -studded cast and exciting collaboration on this project.
• The story of Terrifier 3 unfolds on Christmas Eve, presenting an eerie contrast to the peaceful holiday.
• The new is intended to be scarier, gorier, depraved than its predecessors.
• Fans can expect the franchise to continue even after Terrifier 3, thanks to the supernatural element.

In tongue-tingling news from Hollywood, the production of Damien Leone's Terrifier 3 has finally wrapped up. And who's teamed up with our favorite sinister jester, Art the Clown? The iconic Jason Patric from The Lost Boys!

The Excitement of Leone and the Terrifier Fans

Leone couldn't hide his excitement. He described having Patric in the cast as an “honor” and a “privilege.” Patric, described by Leone as one of the best actors of his generation, has been a dream collaborator for Leone, a -confessed fan of The Lost Boys. Leone believes Patric's deep respect for the Terrifier franchise and his exceptional craftsmanship will contribute to making Terrifier 3 a roaring success.

The Plot of Terrifier 3

So, what gestures will Art the Clown be making in Terrifier 3? Well, Art (played by David Howard Thornton) is all set to strike fear into the hearts of the unsuspecting folk of Miles County on a seemingly tranquil Christmas Eve.

Who's Back, Who's New?

Stay excited, folks, because the cast line-up is thrilling! Lauren LaVera will be reprising her role from Terrifier 2 as the heroic Sienna. Elliot Fullam returns as Jonathan, Sienna's brother, and Samantha Scaffidi is back as Victoria Heyes from both Terrifier and Terrifier 2. And guess what? Santa Claus will be there too… in the form of Daniel Roebuck! Even FX legend Tom Savini has a mystery role. Chris Jericho, who graced Terrifier 2 with his presence, will also be making an appearance in Terrifier 3. But don't hold your breath, he's warned us that his stint isn't going to be a long one.

A New Tone for The Sequel

Leone has revealed that the sequel will lean more into the tone of the first movie, making it scarier, gorier, and more off-the-wall than ever. Don't worry about the sequel dragging on though. Leone plans to keep it under the two-hour mark, a lesson learned from the second one that notably exceeded this.

The Terrifier will never die!

Now, here's the best part. Even when Terrifier 3 ends, it doesn't mean it's the end of the franchise. Leone knows that horror series always find a way to go on, especially when they feature the supernatural. Though he may bring this installment to a satisfying end from his perspective as the creator, he's made it clear that the door is always open to more sequels.

Terrifier 3 is all set to hit the theaters on October 11th. So, are you ready to see Patric tackle Art the Clown on the silver screen? Let us know what you think below!

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