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Quavo Gives Sneak Peek to Atlanta-Filmed Action Movie ‘Takeover’

MOSCOW - 27 MARCH,2015: Big concert of popular American hip hop band Migos (Quavo, Takeoff, Offset) performing live on stage in night club.Rap music celebrity sing on scene.Adult entertainment event - Image (hurricanehank / Shutterstock.com)

After filming in Georgia, Quavo gives fans a sneak peek of his -filmed action Takeover.

Quavo will appear in Takeover, an action thriller film, where he will play Guy Miller. Guy is a former criminal who wants to change his life for the better. He joins forces with Billy Zane- known for his role as flowerer in Titanic.

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However, Miller is drawn back in and, this time, falls into the city's street racing scene. Zane will play a character named Gamal Akopyan, who runs an international heist ring. Quavo is shown fighting with another man in footage shared in front of a greenscreen backdrop. The other character has Miller down as he throws him to the ground.

Trioscope and Quality are teaming up to film in Atlanta, with Takeover as their joint effort. Jeb Stuart wrote the script, and Greg Jonkajtys is directing.

Earlier this month, Quavo released an 18-track LP with fellow Migos Takeoff entitled Only Built For Infinity Links.



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