'The Walking Dead's T-Dog Has Just Released a Hip Hop Album

The Walking Dead's IronE Singleton a.k.a T-Dawg, just released a hip hop album.

You may know IronE Singleton from his recurring role on The Walking Dead and The Blind Side but did you know he just released a hip hop album? Titled "Hip-Hopcrisy" Singleton talks about "society at large and the ills that we face. His ambition is to encourage, inspire and motivate us all towards positive change for the betterment of humanity."
"Hip-Hopcrisy", the album is a voice for those struggling to overcome their circumstances, those searching their souls for an alternative to a life entrenched in drugs, violence or sexual promiscuity and for those looking for a refreshingly creative, alternative lyrical flow. It is a voice for the ages. A voice for the people. A voice of truth. A voice of love. [Via>
Track number 2 is called "We Are The Walking Dead" and it "examines humanity through the personified point of view of zombies." The song was inspired by his role on The Walking Dead.  It is surprising to note that Carol (Melissa McBride) was supposed to have been killed off in the episode “Killer Within” on The Walking Dead, but the producers eventually decided to kill T-Dog instead. According to Wetpaint, in an interview with The Walker Stalkers podcast, Greg Nicotero, TWD’s producer, revealed the change made to the show’s original script.“In the original draft of [‘Killer Within’] script, Melissa McBride’scharacter [Carol] was supposed to die. Iron-E [T-Dog] wasn’t going to die, it was going to be Carol.” It was probably really tough to break the news to Iron-E Singleton, who had become a fan-favorite on the show. Hip-Hopcrisy is now on iTunes