'Suicide Squad' Cast Had to Go to Group Therapy Sessions

Suicide Squad director made the cast go to group therapy sessions and used their personal details during the movie.

Every new report of what filming Suicide Squad was actually like makes me excited to see the final product. While we know that Jared Leto terrorized his cast mates with his method acting. David Ayer also used unconventional methods proved to be invaluable and emotionally draining for his actors. The director didn't just put the Suicide Squad cast them in intensive pre-production therapy sessions. “It was a pretty vulnerable place to go,” Margot Robbie told EW. “He wants to know about your personal history and your relationships and your childhood, things like that that you don’t really want to tell a stranger. And then you have to share that with the rest of your squad as well. I really didn’t like that.” Like it or not, it was all part of David Ayer's master plan to get the most out of his actors. “What we didn’t realize was what he does in the process is he learns our buttons,” Smith said. “We are really bonding but David is grabbing all of your deepest emotional issues so he can throw them back in your face on set.” Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.