Study: Men Spend More Money on Clothes Than Women

A new clothing and accessories than women.

WWD reports that The Boutique @ Ogilvy found men spend an average of $10 more per month on fashion than women, and that the market for men's fashion has increased by 8.3% by next year.

The Boutique @ Ogilvy surveyed 1,232 American men, age 18 and older in an effort to gauge their shopping habits. While most men identify with a certain style, Millennial men are more likely to associate with athletic or ath-leisure than other age groups.

The Boutique is a PR firm also argues that men are persuaded purchase clothing based on value.

Men are most persuaded to purchase clothing by its value, whether it looks good on them and sales or promotions. Under 35-year-old guys are 27 percent more likely to be influenced by sales staff than their older counterparts, who are 18 percent as likely. They rank the ability to try on items as the most important aspect of shopping in a physical store.


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