Study: Internet Providers Don't Provide Speeds they Advertise

FCC study shows that internet providers don't provide the speeds they advertise a majority of the time.

According to a recent study by the Federal Communications Commission, Verizon DSL customers have the worst experience with internet speeds. The study shows that a typical night when the usage is the highest, 95% of Verizon DSL customers received only 42% of their total advertised download speed. According to Deadline, the FCC plans on sending letters to the CEOs of Verizon as well as Centurylink, Frontier DSL and Windstream to discover how they plan on fixing the issue. “Consumers deserve to get what they pay for,” Chairman Tom Wheeler says. “While it’s encouraging to see that in the past these reports have encouraged providers to improve their services, I’m concerned that some providers are failing to deliver consistent speeds to consumers that are commensurate to their advertised speeds.” If you have Comcast you should be relatively happy. 95% of Comcast customers received 98% of their total advertised download speeds. While Time Warner Cable, Charter and Cox at 93%. AT&T trailed behind with 62%. If you're a Verizon Fiber your receiving better internet connection than advertised with 101% while Cablevision tops the list with 117%. A majority of the internet service providers improved their performance. But, at the same time others did little to change. Only a small portion offered slightly more than half of what their total advertised speeds. Do your research before signing on that dotted line because, at the end of the day you're most likely getting less than what you paid for. Is your internet slow? How does your internet rank on the list? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below! Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.

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