STUDY: 2014 Hollywood Diversity Report Results are Shocking but Not Surprising

UCLA's Ralph Bunche Center for African American Studies has released its 2014 Hollywood Diversity Report and the results are not that surprising.

The report analyzes 172 films that came out in 2011, as well as 1061 television shows that aired between 2011 and 2012 for the race and gender breakdowns of lead talent, overall cast, show creators, directors, and writers. Minorities and women were underrepresented in each category. For instance, Lead Talent, minorities in film are underrepresented by a factor of 3 to 1 while women are underrepresented by a factor of 2 to 1. For comedies, the number increases to 7 to 1 for minorities. For the full article,

1. Broadcast Comedies and Dramas

Show creator share: Asian=0% (n=96) Black=3.1%, Latino=1%, White=95.8%

Lead actor share: Asian=1% (n=99) Black=3%, Latino=1%, White=95%

Second actor share: Asian=1% (n=98) Black=8.2%, Latino=3.1%, Native=1%, Mixed=2%, White=84.7%

2. Cable Comedies and Dramas

Show creator share: Asian=1.4% (n=148) Black=6.1%, White=92.6%

Lead actor share: Asian=0.6% (n=156) Black=10.9%, Latino=1.3%, Mixed=1.9%, White=85.3%

Second actor share: Asian=0% (n=147) Black=14.3%, Latino=2.7%, Mixed=2.7%, White=80.3%

3. Broadcast Reality and Other

Show creator share: Asian=0% (n=29) Black=3.5%, White=96.6%

Lead talent share: Asian=1% (n=104) Black=9.6%, Latino=4.8%, White=84.6%

4. Cable Reality and Other

Show creator share: Asian=0% (n=52) Black=7.7%, Latino=3.4%, White=88.5%

Lead talent share: Asian=1.7% (n=464) Black=8.2%, Latino=2.8%, Mixed=.7%, White=88.6%

5. Theatrical Film

Director share: Asian=7.6% (n=172) Black=2.3%, Latino=2.3%, White=87.2%

Writer share: Asian=4.1% (n=172) Black=1.7%, Latino=1.2%, Other=.6%, White=92.4%

Lead actor share: Asian=3.5% (n=172) Black=3.5%, Latino=2.9%, Mixed=.6%, White=89.5% [H/T Jezebel>

However, the study analyzes data from three years ago and shows such as 'Scandal' starring Kerry Washington and Shonda Rhimes have changed the landscape for many people in Hollywood. With the release of 'Fresh Off The Boat' Asians will be featured in a leading cast in the first time in years. Even ABC has created diversity programs for aspiring writers, directors, and actors. There may be a diversity gap but at least Hollywood executives are acknowledging it. What do you think of the diversity gap in Hollywood? Do you think Hollywood executives should do more to change the gap in Hollywood? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below! Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.