Entertainment NewsStranger Things Season 5: Is a Major Character Death on the Cards?

Stranger Things Season 5: Is a Major Character Death on the Cards?


Key Takeaways:

is currently in production.
– Two fan theories suggest catastrophic implications for the show's characters.
– Will Byers, played by , or Eleven, played by Millie , could be facing potential death.
– Jamie Campbell Bower dropped some hints about the upcoming season, teasing it to be wild.

A Wave of Fan Theories

's critically acclaimed series, Stranger Things, is about to drop its eagerly-awaited fifth season. This science fiction horror has kept its on their toes with its outlandish storylines. Now, as the production for its final season is underway, a flurry of fan theories has been brewing about potential plot twists. Among the sea of speculations, two theories stand out which hint at a tragic death of one pivotal character.

Is Will Byers the Sacrifice?

According to one theory put forth by a Reddit user, the connection between Noah Schnapp's character, Will Byers, and the Upside Down could have a significant impact on how the story plays out. Ever since season two, it's been hinted that Will might be linked to the Upside Down. Could this imply that his mental demise could trigger his physical death? This theory is by virtue of the concept that if the mind dies, so too does the body. In order to save Hawkins, Will might have to pay the ultimate price.

‘B' for Death in Stranger Things?

Another theory circling among fans touches upon the pattern of deaths in previous seasons. All characters who met their end had names beginning with the letter ‘B.' Does this pattern spell doom for Will Byers, and is his fate sealed in season 5?

Eleven to Close the Gates?

On the other hand, according to another fan theory, Millie Bobby Brown's character, Eleven, could be the one to shut the gates of Upside Down forever. The story of Stranger Things started with her, and it only seems fitting for her to be the one to end it, even if it means saying goodbye to Will Byers.

Jamie Campbell Bower Sparks Excitement for Season 5

Adding some fuel to the fire, Jamie Campbell Bower, who portrays Henry Creel/Vecna on the show, shared some cryptic insights about the imminent season.
Revealing the hectic schedule and overwhelming storylines, Bower spurted that the new season is “completely insane.” Bower's cryptic words indeed hint at a rollercoaster ride for the viewers in the upcoming season.

Edge-of-the-Seat Moments Await in Season 5

With such explosive theories and anticipations, we can't help but be on pins and needles for Stranger Things season 5. As we await more updates and teasers from the production team, it's evident that the upcoming season will wrap up with enthralling plot twists, potentially devastating character arcs, and emotional goodbyes. Until then, buckle up, keep the fan theories coming, and get ready for a thrilling finale of Stranger Things soon on Netflix! Can you guess who will make the ultimate sacrifice? No matter how hard we try to speculate, it's clear that only time will unravel the mystery.

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