Netflix: 'Would Be Dumb Not To Do 'Stranger Things' Season 2

Is a new season of Netflix's Stranger Things coming soon?

The Atlanta filmed Stranger Things is a pop-culture hit. Nearly everyone I know has watched Stranger Things and loved the hit series. It definitely not what I expected a sci-fi thriller to be. But, after binge-watching the entire series, many people are wondering is a Stranger Things season 2 coming soon? Reed Hastings stopped short of giving the official word on a renewal, but said in an interview with The Guardian, “we would be dumb not to” bring the show back. Reed Hastings added that Netflix takes popular opinion into account when deciding what shows to reboot, remake, or create. Hastings told The Guardian that its user ratings on IMDb make it clear that fans are heavily invested in the show. While it's frustrating that Netflix has not announced another season of Stranger Things, as many film jobs, careers, and acting opportunities are predicated on the announcement, his comments have given creators Matt and Ross Duffer some hope that the news they have been anxiously awaiting will arrive soon. After all, the have already created a detailed plan for the show's second season, and fans are equally as anxious as the show's creators to see what happens next. Stranger Things That being said, Netflix is now hiring and casting a ton of productions. Check out the latest casting calls and job opportunities here. Via The Guardian Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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