'Star Wars: The Force Awakens': Analysts Can't Predict Box Office Numbers

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is on track to dominate the box office and break box office records in the process.

Following years of pent-up excitement for the return of The Force and Jedi battles, the seventh movie in the sci-fi franchise is on track for a record breaking weekend. Disney, the company that spent $4 billion for the rights to the George Lucas franchise, is on track to earn $210 million or more this box office weekend. Of course, this is an early estimate due to the amount of excitement surrounding the new movie. Tinseltown / Tinseltown / According to reports, suggest that the Star Wars box office numbers are going to be huge. The movie has already broken records for pre-sales, and earning more than $50 million in tickets and the movie is on track to break The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey which earned $84.6 million. In fact, analysts predict that the new Star Wars movie will break Jurassic World's record-setting $525.5 million global box office numbers. But, if the box office numbers do fall short, the company can still make money off of 'Star Wars' merchandise, especially during the holiday season. That means that "The Force Awakens" could earn way over $400 million before 2016.

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