Lucasfilms Tracking Down Person Who Posted Star Wars 7 Photos

LucasFilms files subpoena to find a person who posted leaked The Force Awakens photos.

According to Jedi News, a new report suggests that Lucasfilms is tracking down the person who took photos of a character from Episode VII earlier last year.
You may want to seriously think twice about posting any leaked The Force Awakensphotos/concept artwork online that come into your possession after reading this. A report on Courthouse News Service states that Lucasfilm has filed a subpoena request against the popular image-hosting website ImageShack in an attempt to track down the user "Darth_Simi" for posting a leaked image of a character from Episode VII back on October 29, 2014.
You can check out the leaked images hosted on ImageShack here. Disney has gone above and beyond to keep details surrounding Star Wars Episode VII a secret. According to previous reports, Disney has purchased anti-drone technology and making crew members and extras sign lengthy Non-Disclosure Agreements. It is hard to tell by the photos if "Darth Simi" was a background extra. But, he is someone who is extremely close to the cast and crew. What do you think? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.