Entertainment NewsSpine-Tingling 'Place of Bones' Joins Horror and Western Genres

Spine-Tingling ‘Place of Bones’ Joins Horror and Western Genres


Key Takeaways:

1. The film ‘Place of Bones' combines horror and western genres, promising an action-packed movie experience.
2. Directed by Audrey Cummings, ‘Place of Bones' is rolling out both in theatres and digitally on August 23rd.
3. The film delivers an intriguing storyline set in 1876, centered around a mother-daughter duo's battle for survival.
4. A star-studded cast, including Heather Graham, heightens anticipation for the movie.

Exciting times await fans of horror and western movie mashups. You might want to clear your schedule for August 23rd. That's when the much-anticipated film, ‘Place of Bones,' hits the theatres and digital platforms. Regardless of whether you're quick to scare or to on the edge, this film promises to cater to your varied interests.

Plot and

Directed by the accomplished Audrey Cummings, known for her in ‘Tormented,' ‘Darken,' and ‘She Never Died,' this film sure seems enticing. The screenplay is by Richard Taylor, who brings his scriptwriting expertise from films like the 1978′ Stingray' and the horror anthology ‘Fright Show.' The combined experience and vision of Cummings and Taylor make ‘Place of Bones' an unmissable adventure.

Now let's hop onto the time machine and travel to 1876. That's where the film's story unfolds. At a secluded ranch, a mother and her young girl find themselves in a life-or- struggle. The threat? A wounded outlaw seeking shelter drags a notorious bank thief and his merciless gang to their peaceful home. These cutthroat criminals will stop at nothing to reclaim their stolen wealth.

Remarkable Cast

Who brings to life this intense story? The answer is an impressive ensemble of actors. Heather Graham dons the role of the resilient mother. You may remember Graham for her stunning performance in ‘Suitable Flesh'. She shares the screen with the likes of Tom Hopper, known for ‘Black Sails', and Corin Nemec, who appeared in Stephen King's ‘The Stand', among others.

The movie's production was a collaborative effort. David Lipper, Robert A. Daly Jr., Eric Gozlan, and Vindhya Sagar wore the ' hats. Associates included Denise Loren, Kipp Tribble, and Lawreen K. Yakkel. Executive producers included Joe Heath, Richard Iott, and Matt O'Neill. The versatile Isabella Blake-Thomas not only acted in the film but also contributed as an associate .

Sneak Peek into the Film

While you wait for the official release, get a glimpse of what's to come with the film's . Thanks to The Avenue, the distributors, you can satisfy your curiosity without any delay. Numerous already claim that the trailer has them on the edge of their seats. If that's an indication of the full film, fans are sure in for an absolute rollercoaster ride!

Over to You

How did you perceive the trailer for ‘Place of Bones'? What were your first impressions? Are you geared up to experience the ultimate blend of horror and western genres this August? If the film's on your must-watch list, let us know in the comments!

So, whether you're a horror geek or a western flick aficionado, ‘Place of Bones' appears to be the perfect amalgamation. The intensive storyline, coupled with a skilled cast, pique interest and mount anticipation for the film. Only on August 23rd will we know if the movie lives up to the appealing promise!

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