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Spielberg Praises the Potential in Lucas’ Star Wars, Reflects on a Memorable Scene


Key Takeaways:

* The 70s marked a significant shift in with directors like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas pioneering blockbuster films.
* Spielberg instantly recognized the potential in Lucas' rough cut of Wars.
* The featuring C-3PO and R2-D2 being ejected from a pod stood out for Spielberg, showcasing the potential of the movie.
* Despite early setbacks, Lucas' hands-on approach ensured that Light & Magic (ILM) delivered high-quality VFX.

In the 70s, Hollywood witnessed a transformative phase. With remarkable filmmakers like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas emerging, the era saw the dawn of blockbusters like and Star Wars. Spielberg and Lucas, friends since university days, have been supportive of each other's craft with Spielberg acknowledging an unusual scene in Star Wars' rough cut that brimmed with potential.

Spielberg's Embrace for Star Wars Rough Cut

Spielberg's friendship with Lucas dates back to the university days. It was their shared enthusiasm for cinema that ignited a lifelong bond. Despite the initial envy towards Lucas' work, their camaraderie was able to transcend professional rivalry.

Lucas once invited Spielberg to a private screening of the rough cut for his seminal work, Star Wars. The was stripped of its special effects at that stage, and unfortunately, failed to impress the . Spielberg reminisced about the viewing, stating that calling it unfinished would be an understatement. The critique was fierce, inciting debates around context and coherence due to the lack of visual effects.

Recognizing Potential in Spaceships and Droids

However, in the rough state of the film, Spielberg and the head of Fox were the only viewers who the yet to be polished gem intriguing. In Spielberg's opinion, the scene featuring the droids, C-3PO and R2-D2, being ejected from the pod was the epitome of the film's potential. According to him, it should have signaled to everyone what the movie would become once the visual effects from ILM had been incorporated.

Lucas' Hands-On Role in Star Wars' VFX

The journey to creating a visual spectacle was not without challenges for Lucas. The initial output from ILM, tasked with delivering the movie's VFX, was underwhelming. This led to stress-induced issues for Lucas, resulting in a brief hospital stay.

However, he chose not to bow out. Ignoring the advice against stress, Lucas brought on board new editors – Paul Hirsch, Richard Chew, along with his wife Garcia Lucas, and himself. This proved to be a game-changer for the movie's visual narrative.

For ILM, which had already consumed $1M of their $11M budget with only one VFX shot matching Lucas' expectation, this was a wakeup call. Lucas maintained a steady oversight over the progress ensuring the previous shortcomings did not persist.

Outcome of Sustained Efforts

Despite the initial stumbling blocks, ILM was able to fulfill their mandate. They successfully turned around the project, and Star Wars instantly became an iconic film upon its release.

A timeless journey set in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope redefined the way audiences embraced science fiction, all thanks to George Lucas' vision and Steven Spielberg's unswerving faith in his friend's potential.

In conclusion, the transformative era of the 70s, with auteurs like Spielberg and Lucas, was the starting point of a new epoch in Hollywood. Their enduring friendship and collaborative spirit helped shape an era that cinema lovers cherish and made Star Wars an undeniable phenomenon.

You can stream Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope on Plus. Enjoy the masterpiece created against all odds, that forever changed the landscape of science fiction.

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