Entertainment NewsSofia Vergara Discusses Challenges after Transitioning from ‘Modern Family’ to ‘Griselda’

Sofia Vergara Discusses Challenges after Transitioning from ‘Modern Family’ to ‘Griselda’


Key Takeaways:
found her role in Netflix's ‘Griselda' challenging after the relaxed atmosphere of ‘Modern '.
– Vergara highlighted the psychological impact of portraying a crime lord in ‘Griselda'.
– Despite the struggles, she is thankful for the experience.

Starting a New Chapter: Sofia Vergara on ‘Griselda'

Sofia Vergara, best known for her vibrant portrayal of Delgado-Pritchett in ‘Modern Family', has shared candid insights into her career journey. Leaving the beloved sitcom, the actress made her way into a new role in Netflix's Griselda. This transition, however, wasn't an easy ride for Vergara.

Embracing a Different Role

In ‘Griselda', Vergara stepped into the shoes of a Colombian drug lord. Away from and playing a bloodthirsty drug trafficker and mother was a significant transition. Though Vergara's native language and Latino co-stars made things comfortable, they couldn't mitigate the psychological challenges that came with such a complex role.

Comparing ‘Modern Family' and ‘Griselda'

In an exclusive interview with El País, Vergara compared her experiences working on ‘Modern Family' and ‘Griselda'. She compared the joyous atmosphere of ‘Modern Family' to a party, contrary to the pressure of the complex character of ‘Griselda'. Vergara voiced her frustrations about transiting into a drama series but also expressed her for overcoming the obstacles.

Struggles Behind the Scene

While appearing in ‘Griselda', Vergara had sleepless nights when she returned home from the set. The brutality of the character left her puzzled even after pack-up. Transitioning from a laid-back, humor-filled role to a character with so much depth and darkness was an immense challenge. This resulted in her resorting to medication to help her sleep, indicating the pressure of the role.

Understanding and Adapting to the Role

During the initial days, Sofia found it hard to manage the contrasting environment of both the shows. The hurdles seemed impossible at first, but gradually she found a way to adapt. She started to utilize sleep aids to ensure she was well-rested for the demanding schedule of ‘#Griselda'. Over time, Vergara found her footing and began to grow more comfortable with her role as the infamous drug lord, Griselda Blanco.

Reflection on her Journey

Talking about her transition to the darker realm, Vergara admitted it was brutal owing to her prior comedy experience. As Vergara pushed through, she outlined how the taxing role eventually became manageable. The actress also expressed gratitude for the brief six months of for ‘Griselda'.


Playing the intense role of Griselda Blanco was a challenging journey for Sofia Vergara. Despite the struggles and challenges, she managed to make her mark by delivering an outstanding performance. The stark contrast between her in ‘Modern Family' and ‘Griselda' reveals the versatility of the actor. Although Vergara found working on ‘Griselda' hard initially, she gradually adapted and overcame the hurdles, making her a remarkable figure in the acting .

Catch all the episodes of ‘Modern Family' on Peacock and ‘Griselda' on Netflix.

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