'Snow on tha Bluff' Star Arrested After Atlanta Police Standoff

Snow on tha Bluff actor, Curtis Snow arrested after a standoff with police following a funeral.

An Atlanta man surrendered to police officers after a standoff at a church last week. According to reports, Curtis Snow, also known as Curtis Snow, barricaded himself inside the ladies room of an Atlanta church. Police were told that Ward could have been armed but, police did not find any weapons on him after they arrested him. From WSBTV:
The church's pastor said Ward's grandson got into an argument with someone at the funeral and that's when police were called. Police don't know if the grandson is actually armed in the church bathroom, but armed officers are in place around the building."It didn't ruin it (the funeral). The young man that's allegedly barred inside the church, that's his granddad. Young people grieve differently. I don't think he was here to hurt anyone," pastor Dexter Johnson said.Several streets around the church were temporarily closed while police were involved in a standoff.
According to one of the witnesses at the police stand off, the use of a police, SWAT team was "overkill" and "ridiculous." However, an Atlanta police officer defended the police response by saying Ward has victimized people over the years by supplying drugs to the area. Snow on tha Bluff is a 2012 reality/drama film directed by Damon Russell. It is the story of Curtis Snow, a real Atlanta "robbery boy and crack dealer whose livelihood revolves around armed robbery and drug pushing" who "sought out [director> Damon Russell to make a film about his life." The film's title refers to protagonist Curtis Snow and to Atlanta's neighborhood The Bluff, which is infamous for crime and drug dealing. Via WSBTV

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