Entertainment NewsSister Wives Star Gabriel Brown: How He's Coping after Brother's Shocking Death

Sister Wives Star Gabriel Brown: How He’s Coping after Brother’s Shocking Death


Key Takeaways:

– The recent of Garrison Brown, cast member of ‘,' has taken a significant toll on the , particularly his brother Gabriel.
– Gabriel shares his personal journey on coping with the loss and mending his tense relationship with his father, Kody.
– Gabriel, 22, enjoys privacy despite his fame and often appears in posts with family and friends; his activities post-Garrison's death have fans intrigued.
– Gabriel's relationship with his mother, Janelle, strengthens as she offers full emotional support to him post-Garrison's passing.

Surviving Grief: Gabriel Brown's Journey after Brother's Death

The unprompted death of Garrison Brown, a member of the Sister Wives clan, three months ago shook the close-knit family to their core. Particularly affected was Gabriel Brown, the late Garrison's brother. Having discovered his brother's lifeless body, Gabriel carries a profound grief that and fans can't help but empathize with.

Personal Struggles and Family Dynamics

The Brown siblings, Gabriel – now 22, and the late Garrison, were not only similar in age but also in interests, ideations, and rebellious actions. This was most apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic when they collectively defied their father's Kody strict rules. This act of rebellion, amongst other events, strained their relationship with their father. Since Garrison's untimely death, fans of the show have voiced their concerns about Gabriel's well-being.

When Family Tides Shift

The undercurrents of tension within the Brown family were heightened when Robyn joined the family. The mandatory lockdowns imposed during the pandemic further widened the fissure between Gabriel and Kody Brown. Kody's decision to boycott staying with Janelle, Gabriel's mother, due to the brothers' non-adherence to his socializing rules caused a major family upheaval. Despite these tensions, Gabriel found solace in bonding with his girlfriend, continuing to see her despite the objections raised by Kody.

Cutting Ties

The strained father-son relationship worsened when Kody forgot Gabe's 20th birthday, a fact that Gabriel intentionally withheld to test his father's memory. Knowing his father's forgetfulness, Gabriel decided to distance himself from Kody, deciding not to pursue further communication.

Remembering Gabriel Brown

Known for his reserved nature, Gabriel prefers to live a low-key life despite his showbiz fame. He is a student at Northern Arizona University and tends to keep his presence minimal. Gabriel only posts occasionally on Instagram, garnering over 67.9k followers with his last post dating back to 2020, featuring him with his pet dog.

Gabriel's Life After Garrison

Mother Janelle has always been known for being attentive and caring for her . Gabriel's grief over Garrison's passing has been a heavy burden to bear, but it is evident from Janelle's constant dedication to her son that he is not alone.

A Glimpse into Gabriel's Life

Despite being private when it comes to his personal life, Gabriel occasionally gives glimpses into his world via with family and friends. He was recently seen on a trip to with Janelle and sister Savanah, revealing his efforts to forge ahead and enjoy life despite his grief.

From all accounts, Gabriel is coping well with Garrison's death, leaning heavily on his friends and his mother Janelle's unwavering support. Stay tuned to Project for the latest updates on the Browns and more about ‘Sister Wives.'



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