Entertainment NewsSimon Guobadia Insists on His Rights Amid Ongoing Divorce from 'RHOA' Star...

Simon Guobadia Insists on His Rights Amid Ongoing Divorce from ‘RHOA’ Star Porsha Williams


Key takeaways:

– Simon Guobadia, in midst of from ‘Real Housewives of ' Porsha Williams, has sent another cease-and-desist letter to the show's .
– The notice pertains to his 2021 Rolls Royce Ghost vehicle. Guobadia remains the sole legal owner of the vehicle.
– Guobadia warns of further legal action if the production company fails to comply with his demands.
– On , many couldn't help but express their thoughts on Guobadia's alleged actions.
– He took to himself to echo his determination and unapologetic behavior amidst the situation.

Simon Guobadia is ensuring his rights are upheld as he goes through divorce proceedings with ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta' star, Porsha Williams. The 60-year-old magnate reportedly sent another cease-and-desist letter to the producers of the show, taking a decisive stand amidst the ongoing situation.

Details About The Cease-And-Desist Notice

RadarOnline the news, sharing that Guobadia issued the notice in relation to his luxury vehicle – the 2021 Rolls Royce Ghost. The timing of the notice is unspecified, but it was confirmed that the production company ‘True Entertainment, LLC' was the recipient.

Inside the order, Guobadia sets forth a clear mandate. He demands a stop to all photographing, recording, and filming of the Rolls Royce, whether it is in use or possession of other parties. Moreover, he insists that if such activity has already occurred, none of these materials should be released, disclosed, or published.

Pertaining to an alleged evidence in a report by Emily CottonTop, during the couple's romance, Guobadia a grey Rolls Royce to Williams. However, it's unconfirmed whether this is the same vehicle mentioned in his legal notification.

Additionally, Guobadia reasserted his position as the sole legal owner of the luxury vehicle, seeking strict compliance with his request. To validate his case, proof of purchase, ownership and copy of the vehicle insurance card were provided.

Notably, the cease-and-desist letter mentions that Guobadia may take further legal action if the terms aren't followed, thereby escalating the situation.

Social Media Frenzy

Even though Williams and the production company, True Entertainment, LLC have remained silent, social media has been buzzing in response to Guobadia's move. Netizens, particularly in The Shade Room's comment section, offered varied takes on the situation.

Bouncing Back on Instagram

Unfazed by the social media , Guobadia chose to address the issue directly on Instagram. Flaunting his unapologetic demeanor, he shared a photo with a message that seemingly spoke volumes about his determination in the midst of the crumbling situation. Despite the saga, Guobadia expressed positivity, attributing a part of his success to being sassy and petty.

In Conclusion

While the divorce proceedings continue, it's clear that Guobadia is not letting things slide. He seems hell-bent on maintaining his rights and not allowing his luxury vehicle's status to be compromised. The tussle joins of high-profile divorce battles that have captivated audiences and it seems the gavel hasn't hit the final sound.

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