Showtime's 'Dexter' Spinoff in the Works?

Want Dexter Dead After all the murders he committed?

Impossible. Dexter dead? It was not going to happen. Showtime network refused to allow Dexter to die. It is clear to everyone that has read the books, Dexter dies, however the Showtime network had a different opinion on the ending of this show! The writers originally planned to kill Dexter in the series finale, and told the Network where the story line was heading, and the network quickly replied, let’s be clear, Dexter will live. So, the writers of Dexter did not even have a choice. Many fans are not happy with the way that Dexter ended. Writers had a hard time ending the story since Dexter had to live. Fans are still extremely disappointed with the ending of the show, but at least there is was some type of closure to the show. But, this might mean that Showtime plans on bringing back Dexter Morgan. We will keep you updated on all future updates!