Showtime: 'Dope' New Series on Athletes and Performance Enhancing Drugs

Showtime in development for a new series on athletes and performance enhancing drugs.

Since Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa broke homerun records and later admitting taking performance enhancing drugs, the NFL and MLB has been littered with athletes using drugs. Showtime has seen this as an opportunity to put in development a new television series about the business of performance enhancing drugs for athletes and the doctor who made it popular in South Florida. The new series entitled Dope, is slightly based on the A-Rod scandal but, it will be a fictional take and not based on actual events. According to reports, the writer of Ray Donovan, David Hollander will be writing the script and Prometheus producers, Michael Costigan will produce. In order to make the show realistic, Showtime has hired two journalists who have covered the MLB doping scandal extensively.