The Selfie-Drone is Finally Here and It's Amazing

Looking for a new selfie stick? How about a selfie drone instead?

If there are two things that would identify technology and pop culture in the 2010s, then it would be the selfie stick and the drone. Now, Zero Zero Robotics has combined the two in one compact package: the Hover Camera. The Hover Camera is a miniature quadcopter with a built-in 12-megapixel camera set on a stabilizing gimbal. The device is built upon a Qaulcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, which allows the robot to automatically track faces. Its camer can be set to follow people, objects or remotely controlled via Android and OS apps. Other features include an ultra-light carbon fiber structure and a compact design that allows for easy portability. The device does not have a side-facing camera which means no peripheral vision for complex turns, and the its battery life only lasts eight minutes. If you have some creative ideas for the Hover Camera, you are in luck as the company is in the process of opening up test trials for the selfie drone. All you have to do is tell Zero Zero Robotics what kind of images you plan on taking with the device and you could get one in the mail. Could this thing eventually replace the selfie stick? Maybe. It will definitely make selfies more interesting. Via: Recode

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