Seth Rogen's 'Sausage Party' Accused of Being Racist

Comedian Seth Rogen is in hot water after moviegoers are calling many of the jokes in his new movie Sausage Party racist.

The movie, which was co-written by Seth Rogen, hit theaters on Friday, but Pixar spoof movie is being bashed as many moviegoers called the jokes 'racist', 'disgusting' and 'sexist'. Sausage Party centers around a hot dog's relationship with other foods, and the movie ends with a massive food orgy. The movie features a scene with some Nazi German sauerkraut dedicated to”exterminating the juice” compound. Here's what a few people said on Twitter: Despite these accusations of racism, Sausage Party is doing extremely well in the box office. According to the Hollywood Reporter, should earn $31 million-$33 million for the weekend, ahead of expectations. Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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