Saturday Night Live Writer Reveals the Show Can't Lose Kenan Thompson

A Saturday Night Live writer reveals that the show can not afford to lose actor, comedian Kenan Thompson.

Rumors have circulated that legendary comedian Kenan Thompson will be leaving Saturday Night Live at the end of the season. Saturday Night Live responded to those rumors by insisting that no casting decisions will be made until after the show finishes filming, but many news reporters are sticking to their original story. Recently, Co-head writer Bryan Tucker talked to Slate about working on Saturday Night Live. During the interview Tucker revealed that when his fellow writers are having trouble to come up with a joke for a sketch, they just turn to Kenan Thompson:
Here’s a secret. If you’re a Saturday Night Live writer, and you want to get an extra laugh in your script, just add this line: “KENAN REACTS.” Sure, it’s sort of cheating. But we still do it sometimes. Because it works.
In my nine seasons at SNL, Kenan has been one of the few cast members who writers lean on. Put him in your sketch somewhere, anywhere, and your sketch will get better. Because Kenan knows how to take ordinary lines and make them funny, and take funny lines and make them special.
Tucker then points out some of his memorable moments that he has had working with Kenan Thompson on set. All of this discussion about Kenan Thompson just seems to beg the question, is Kenan really leaving? Will there be another 'Good Burger' movie? What do you think? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting. Related: Photo Credit: NBC