Entertainment NewsSam Neill and Eric Bana Team Up in Netflix’s Mystery-Thriller 'Untamed'

Sam Neill and Eric Bana Team Up in Netflix’s Mystery-Thriller ‘Untamed’


Key Takeaways:
– Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) and Eric Bana (Hulk) have been in Untamed.
– Untamed is a character-driven mystery-thriller limited on .
– This project comes from Warner Bros. Television and John Wells Productions.
– Neill will be playing the chief park ranger, Paul Souter, in the series.
– Mark L. Smith and Elle Smith co-led the scripting and production of the series.
– Fans are eagerly awaiting more details about this thrilling project.

Hello all, movie enthusiasts and Netflix binge-watchers alike! Exciting news just in – Sam Neill from the sensation that was Jurassic Park is set to alongside Eric Bana, best known for his leading role in Hulk, in a brand new Netflix limited series called ‘Untamed'.

The New Duo in Town

Untamed is a character-driven mystery thriller that keeps on the edge of their seat. It promises to be an intriguing blend of suspense, , and natural wilderness. Eric Bana will play Kyle Turner, a special agent for the National Parks Service who lands himself in the middle of a chilling investigation that unravels dark secrets.

Neill's New Role

Our Jurassic Park veteran, Sam Neill, will be stepping into the shoes of Paul Souter, the chief park ranger at Yosemite. Paul has dedicated a chunk of his life preserving this national treasure. He's the daring type who doesn't fear getting down and dirty to preserve the park's pride and honor, whether it involves crime busting or taming bureaucracy to keep Yosemite rolling.

Who's Behind the Scenes?

Mark L. Smith and Elle Smith add their magic touch to this project, having not just written but also co-showrun the series. Also among the executive are Eric Bana himself, John Wells Productions' John Wells and Erin Jontow, Todd Black and Tony Shaw of Escape Artists Entertainment, Steve Lee Jones from Bee Holder Productions, and Syndicate Entertainment's Cliff Roberts. With a -packed team like this, we can expect some cinematic .

What Else Has Neill Been Up To?

Recently, Sam Neill has been stretching his acting muscles elsewhere too. He took on the role of Stan Delaney in Peacock's mini-series ‘Apples Never Fall'. He also shone in the Foxtel original series ‘The Twelve' as Brett Colby QC.

Let's Discuss

Got any Yosemite National Park experiences to share? We'd love to hear your intriguing , so drop them down in the comment section. We'll be here to fill you in with more tidbits on ‘Untamed' as we uncover them. Until then, sit back and wait for the reel to roll on your Netflix screens with Sam Neill and Eric Bana navigating the gripping plot of ‘Untamed'.

Stay tuned for more updates on this captivating Netflix series, and remember: sometimes, the most untamed terrains hold the deepest secrets. Excited about ‘Untamed'? So are we! Let's look forward to the unfolding of a thrilling mystery in the heart of the wilderness.

Till next time, keep your popcorn ready and your eyes peeled for more!

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