Sacha Baron Cohen: I Nearly Died Filming This Movie Scene

Sacha Baron Cohen says he was nearly killed while filming the final scene in Bruno.

Sacha Baron Cohen made his name for his over the top characters. The comedian who is known for his Ali G, Borat and Bruno characters, Sacha Baron Cohen became a house hold name after his first feature film. Recently, the actor made an appearance at the Oscars and co-wrote his new movie The Brothers Grimsby in which he co-stars as the idiot brother of a hit-man played Mark Strong. And while Sacha Baron Cohen doesn't always do in-depth interviews, he recently sat down with Marc Maron, the host of the podcast WTF, to discuss his career as the Jackass of comedy. In the nearly two-hour interview, Maron gave some pretty interesting anecdotes, including getting followed by the FBI. But, one of the craziest parts of the interview occurred when Cohen revealed he nearly died while filming Bruno. In the movie's final scene, Baron Cohen's gay character has renounced his homosexuality and is performing as a ultimate fighter named "Straight Dave." He dares anyone in the audience to fight him - and his ex-boyfriend volunteers. “[The crowd> were on my side — they were ready for me to really hurt him. And then I kissed him, and then they freaked out. At one point, I see a chair flying in — it’s a metal chair. And I’m lying on my back and I’m thinking, ‘If I hold my co-star tightly, I can move left and right and dodge the chairs.’ But eventually after two chairs, I hear, ‘Go go go!’ The [security] rule was once you hear that, you have to go . . . but what we didn’t think about was that we’d left the crew there with 20 ultimate-fighter guys who didn’t know what was going on, and were really pissed at the crew, and about 200 people. And in the end, it turned into this riot. I think it took about 40 cops to march into there to rescue the crew.” That's intense. H/T: NYPOST

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