Russia Plans on Banning Foreign Films that 'Demonize Russia'

Russian Officials Plan on Banning Foreign Films that 'Demonize Russia'

Russia is getting pretty tired of all Hollywood movies that make Russia look bad. According to a recent report, a member of the culture committee recently recommended a ban on foreign films that "demonize Russia".

While the idea of stricter control over the image of Russia and Russians in foreign films has been floated by top officials time and again over the last few years, the first concrete proposal aimed at banning foreign films that “demonize” Russia was recently made by Batu Khasikov, a member of the culture committee at Russia’s Federation Council, the upper chamber of Parliament.

“Specific requirements should be introduced for film exhibition in the country, and movies where everything related to Russia is overtly demonized or shown in a primitive and silly way should be banned from theatrical distribution,” he was quoted as saying by the Russian news agency Interfax. [THR>

To be honest, Hollywood produced several movies that "demonize Russia" including Red Dawn, Top Gun, Rambo, Iron Eagle, War Games, Stripes, etc.

Russia does have a list of a 100 movies that they do recommend watching instead. The list includes Apocalypse Now, Cabaret, The Last Emperor and Titanic.

As an international box office sales become more and more important, it will be interesting to see how the movie industry will change in their storylines to be more Russian friendly.

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