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Russell Crowe’s Surprising Take on Superhero Movies

Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe making selfies at The Nice Guys' photocall during the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival at the Palais des Festivals on May 15, 2016 in Cannes . - Image (Denis Makarenko / Shutterstock.com)

Key Takeaways:

Russell Crowe has participated in numerous superhero movies, including ‘Man of Steel,' ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,' and the upcoming ‘Spider-Man Sonyverse' .
– Despite his involvement, Crowe's perspective on the genre isn't as enthusiastic as one might expect.
– Crowe gave a candid interview to British GQ, revealing his take on the industry as a gigantic machine.
– Crowe is not known for holding back his opinions, even expressing his discomfort with the production of Gladiator II.

With a bunch of heavyweight actors like Robert Downey Jr., , Josh Brolin, and more showcasing their prowess in superhero roles, one can safely say that the comic book film genre is teeming with talent. Even veterans like Robert Redford and Hopkins have dipped their toes in this genre. Among these stars, one might see Russell Crowe, who's certainly made his mark with roles in ‘Man of Steel', ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,' and also the upcoming ‘Spider-Man Sonyverse' film.

Crowe Draws the Line

You'd think that someone as knee-deep in the industry as Crowe would have a favorable opinion of the genre, right? Turns out, not so much. In an interview with British GQ, Crowe revealed his somewhat cynical view on the matter. Responding to 's of working on a Marvel film, Crowe cheekily quipped about the lack of “pathos” and suggested that if actors are looking for a life-changing event, they're in the wrong place. According to Crowe, these movies are, at the end of the day, just .

Not Afraid to Share His Opinions

Courageous in both his roles and his public statements, Crowe is not one to shy away from expressing his feelings. Despite having no involvement in the upcoming ‘Gladiator II,' he still fields questions about it, to his annoyance. He once joked that he should be paid for the many queries he answers about the film he isn't even part of. Furthermore, Crowe candidly admitted to being uncomfortable with the idea of ‘Gladiator II,' due to a few questionable choices that he believes deviates from the original character's moral journey. But, as he noted, he can't really do anything about it, given his character's demise in the first film.

So, what have we learned from this episode? Even as the superhero genre continues to enlist top-tier talent, preferences and perspectives can vary. The action-packed, CGI-intensive world of superheroes might not be everyone's cup of tea, and that includes some of our biggest stars. Ultimately, it boils down to a personal interpretation of what constitutes fulfilling in Hollywood, and for Crowe, that might require a tad more pathos.

The question that begs to be asked, will Crowe's comments impact the reception of Madame Web? Only time will tell. Until then, all eager can do is wait with bated breath for this latest addition to the Spider-Man Sonyverse. It just goes to show that behind the spectacle and grandeur of these blockbuster films, are real people with independent thoughts and opinions. And that's what makes watching these films such an exciting adventure. Who knows, maybe Crowe's candid comments will inspire more discussions about the superhero genre in the future.



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