'Robin Hood' is The Biggest Blockbuster Flop of 2018

Robin Hood

Bangkok, Thailand – November 10, 2018: The Standee of An American Action-Adventure Movie Robin Hood Displays at the Theater (Sarunyu L /

Lionsgate's Robin Hood is the biggest blockbuster bomb of 2018.

Lionsgate's Robin Hood is looking like it will be 2018’s biggest blockbuster bomb, with a $14-million five-day opening against a budget of just under $100 million.

Over this year’s Thanksgiving weekend, moviegoers had a wide selection of movies to go see. However, not many Americans thought it was a worth the money to see Robin Hood.

With a global launch of only $22.8 million, Robin Hood has had the worst start for any feature film this year with a budget of $90 million or higher.

Even the most recent box office flop, Nutcracker and the Four Realms, did not do as poorly as Robin Hood with a $20 million opening.

As The Wrap reports, there has not been a blockbuster bomb as bad as this one since 2017, where King Arthur: Legend of the Sword flopped and failed to make back its $175 million budget.

Other major flops this year include Disney’s Solo, which was the first Star Wars movie to make less than $400 million and raise questions about the future of the franchise.