Entertainment NewsRevisiting Tom Berenger's 90s Action Flick, 'The Substitute'

Revisiting Tom Berenger’s 90s Action Flick, ‘The Substitute’


Key Takeaways:

– The 1990's action film ‘The Substitute', featuring Tom Beringer, is less known yet still a gem in the genre.
– Berenger, although he never quite hit A-list status, had substantial roles in influential of the 1980s.
– Playing on his notoriety from the film ‘Platoon', Berenger carved out a niche for himself in action films during the mid-nineties.
– ‘The Substitute', despite being a low-budget film, had a successful home run, which led to three sequels.
– The started a franchise but happened just too early to bring back Berenger, which became a favorite catalog title for Lionsgate and is currently streaming on Netflix.

In a big sea of 80s and 90s teacher-inspired films like “Stand and Deliver” and “Dangerous Minds”, a less known but equally impactful flick is ‘The Substitute,' starring Tom Berenger. This film was distinct as Berenger portrayed a mercenary posing as a substitute teacher to bring down a drug operation that was debilitating his girlfriend's school.

The interesting part about ‘The Substitute' was its unexpected success. Despite not having much hype around it in 1996, it quickly picked up a cult following, becoming a hit in its home video run. In fact, it was appreciated so much that it led to the creation of three sequels, although Berenger did not feature in any of them.

Now let's talk about Tom Berenger, a unique case of an actor who flirted with the threshold of stardom but never crossed the line. Despite playing pivotal roles in top-ranking films like ‘The Big Chill' and ‘Platoon', and showcasing great versatility, he didn't quite make it to the A-list status. Berenger, surprisingly, his groove in action films, displaying commendable performances and resonating with the audience.

His character in ‘The Substitute', named Shale, embodies both a world-weary mercenary and a dedicated teacher. This dual role was one of the reasons this film was well-received. It depicted Shale's character growth and moral stance as the story unfolded in a believable and three-dimensional manner.

Despite its low budget, ‘The Substitute' didn't disappoint action movie lovers. Directed by Robert Mandel, the film was peppered with cool action sequences that added a layer of excitement to the plot. Berenger's realistic scenes impressed, steering clear of any showy moves. The storyline was enhanced with the villains played by Marc and Ernie Hudson, adding an extra kick to the narrative.

When talking about its release, ‘The Substitute' was a dark horse. It was the box-office runner-up during its opening week and grossed roughly $13 million. It might not have been a , but it still became a cult favorite with a widely-known soundtrack. It's VHS release was a hit leading to the aforementioned sequels starring the late Treat Williams, an actor similar to Berenger in style.

The movie had a profound impact, becoming a beloved selection for Lionsgate, and is readily available for streaming on Netflix. Even though ‘The Substitute' might not top of great 90s action films, it is indeed a must-see for action cinema enthusiasts. Its engaging storyline, realistic action sequences, and Berenger's strong performance definitely make it worth a watch. Do add it to your Netflix list and prepare to be entertained.

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