Major Feature Film is Leaving Georgia If "Religious Freedom" Bill Passes

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The "religious freedom" bill is putting Georgia's film industry in jeopardy.

Atlanta's film industry is in serious trouble, as reports are surfacing that major film productions are threatening to pull the plug on Georgia's growing film industry if the upcoming "religious freedom" bill is passed. According to WSBTV's Matt Belanger, at least one major motion picture is prepared to film elsewhere other than Georgia if the bill becomes law.

Brian Tolleson, whose office is right across from the historic Fox Theater, says he's getting a lot of calls from key players across the country worried about the bill and that feature film could be just the beginning. "Why would you want to support an economy that doesn't want you?" Tolleson asked.

Supporters of the First Amendment Defense Act argue the bills protect faith-based organizations like adoption agencies from losing state funds if they refuse services to same-sex couples. However, many people in the entertainment industry feel this is legalized discrimination. "There would be a real loss if that doesn't shoot here. It would be millions of dollars," Tolleson told Belanger." If the entire entertainment industry pulled the plug on Georgia, the Peach State would lose a total of $6 billion a year, thousands of jobs, and a thriving new real estate industry. "Will it be everyone and every production? No. Will it be a large majority and a growing majority once people are aware this is how Georgia is treating people? Absolutely," Tolleson said. For the full story visit

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